Lettera inviata al Presidente Macron dalle organizzazioni della società civile internazionali che si occupano del processo G7 fra cui GCAP Italia. Il Summit si svolge quest’anno sotto la presidenza francesce a Biarritz dal 25 al 27 agosto. Si chiede al Presidente Macron e agli altri membri del G7 di rinvigorire leadership e impegno affinché il G7 guidi e sostenga gli sforzi globali per contrastare i cambiamenti climatici, la povertà, le disparità di genere e le disuguaglianze che impediscono il rispetto dei diritti umani per tutti e tutte. Di seguito il testo in inglese.

M. Emmanuel Macron
Président de la République française
Palais de l’Élysée 55 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008, Paris, France

January 28th 2019

Dear M. Président,

On behalf of global civil society organizations engaged in the G7 process, we welcome France to the Presidency of the 2019 G7. We hope to be a partner to France in ensuring the 2019 G7 reaches ambitious and concrete outcomes. In that spirit, we are using the occasion of your assuming the G7 Presidency to put forward our recommendations and concerns for the Biarritz G7.

The G7 is a critical forum for addressing importance issues facing the world from climate change and the environment, development, human rights, to global economic issues and equality. However, recently the G7 has become mired in tensions between members and has failed to deliver either significant advances or has failed to meet its previous commitments.

President Macron, you have personally emphasised the importance of democracy, of global governance, and underlined the perils facing multilateralism. You now have a chance to address these issues using France’s historical position as the founder of the G7 Summits and we urge you to take forward a concrete plan of action for the Biarritz G7 to agree on, either in unanimity or otherwise, that puts global governance, health, education, peace & security, gender equality, food & nutrition security, development and the environment back on track.

We urge you and the other G7 members to reignite the leadership and commitment of the G7 to lead and support global efforts to tackle climate change, poverty, gender, rights and inequalities. Our expectation is that the G7 will recommit to:

• Build and report on education commitments of the 2018 Charlevoix G7
• Tackling poverty
• Concrete commitments to implement the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to 1.5°C
• Set out a plan for addressing conflicts and crises that inflict suffering on civilians
• Put forward a global development vision that addresses the SDGs to ‘leave no one behind’
• Substantially address inequalities including gender inequalities.

We urge you to avoid vague language and intangible outcomes in the final G7 agreement. We hope to be partners with France in supporting and delivering an ambitious agenda in 2019 and will propose a process for civil society to work with the French government in the lead-up to the G7 Summit and at the various scheduled Ministerials. Civil society is an essential voice in this process and as a strong partner we urge a high level of ambition for the 2019 G7 Summit.


Kel Currah
Chair – G7 Global Taskforce
CEO – What World Strategies

Philippe Jahshan
Président de Coordination SUD

Cc: French G7 Sherpa

Endorsed by the following organizations:

• 1,000 Days • ACTIONAID USA • ALCADOM • Aide et Action • CARE France • CARE International • Center for Democratic Education • Citizens’ Climate Lobby • Coalition Éducation • Equilibre et populations • GCAP Italy • Global Citizen • International Rescue Committee • Le Planning familial • Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP) • Mercy Corps • One • Oxfam • Plan International • Plan International France • RESULTS Canada • Save the Children • TERRAM PACIS • UNICEF France • Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases

G7 – Lettera al Presidente Macron_Eng

G7 – Lettera al Presidente Macron_Fra